Accurate understanding of current operating model

Business objectives, flows, processes, systems, opportunities, quality and service standards.

Development of the service proposal

Objectives, scope, fixed and variable costs, technology, performance indicators, contingency, limits of operation and output conditions.

Detailed specification of the new operation

Request for services, operational framework, variations and fluctuations, different policies, runtimes, transition, etc


Acceptance of the proposal

Discussion, evaluation and fine-tuning of the proposal.



Start of operations

Shuttle, start, stabilizing the operation, initial measurement of indicators, reporting, evaluation and action.

Improvement and optimization

Frequent measurement, evaluation of results,

finding opportunities and new value.




Organization transfers + Commissioning + Performance Indicators + Structured

Processes + Technology + HR + continuous specialized reporting.


We guarantee continuous monitoring through reports with performance

indicators that promote right decision-making.


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